A talented graphic designer from Kuwait with 10 years of experience in his field, Ahmed Al Rashid is truly gifted at composing intricate artworks on objects of every shape and size.

Being an enthusiastic artist, Ahmed decided to pursue his passion for design after getting his degree in Business Management in Kuwait and took his skills to the next level working on small projects and through that he managed to worked with big establishments in Kuwait, UAE, and Brazil. Using unconventional ways of displaying art, he started illustrating his work directly on coffee cups, cars and clothes. Ahmed succeeded in doing what he loves professionally when he worked with Starbucks Middle East and Ford Motors.

Al Rashid started displaying his work on Instagram, which is a powerful tool to reach a vast number of art lovers. He started his first Instagram auction where he sold Converse shoes to a follower from Bahrain. An interesting take on the regular auction method if we say so! If you admire Al Rashid's artistic style, you'll be glad to know that he organizes design and printing workshops in his free time as well.

To view more of his work, visit @ahmadalrashid and to get in contact email






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