Jason Vale
Jason Vale

At this year's Taste of Dubai 2013, Jason Vale (aka The Juice Master), set out with a vital task – to educate people all about juicing, informing them about the latest food trend and debunking the misconceptions surrounding it.

Vale, now a strong advocate of juicing, led an unhealthy lifestyle. He was an alcoholic and smoker. In addition to these dangerous habits, he consumed a non-healthy diet which weakened his body, and suffered from a number of allergies. Tired of this lifestyle and determined to change his ways, he began trying out a concept called "juicing."

The new diet improved Vale's health so much that it inspired him to lead it as a lifestyle and career. Since then, Vale has set up his own company Juice Master Ltd, published books on the subject, runs health retreats, and has opened up juice bars.

So what is juicing exactly?

Juicing is just as simple as it sounds; it's the process of extracting juice from natural and edible raw foods such as fruits and vegetables. It can be done by hand or using electric appliances, which is the easier way of course. Vale, who is also Philips brand ambassador, uses his trusted tool, the Philips Avance Juicer in all of his demonstrations.

There are countless numbers of blends that one can make using the various fruits and vegetables on offer. These blends can be made to obtain various flavors of juice. Many devotees of the Juicing Diet use juices in place of a traditional meal.

Naturally, juices are high in water content and because they're not cooked or processed, the nutrients remain intact, making it a prime form of detox for the human body. In addition to water, fresh juices are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Not to mention the fact that liquids can make their way faster and easier through the body, therefore reducing bloating and increasing energy.

Recently, this new food trend spurred an increase in at-home juice detoxing at health retreats, at home, and even daily home delivery blends!

Even though, like any new health and diet breakthrough, juicing has its fair share of criticism, there's no denying that the process itself is absolutely successful. Skeptics don't have to take on juicing as a set lifestyle instead of the more Doctor-recommended "three meals a day," but it certainly helps to incorporate juices into one's diet.

With modern day juicers the likes of Philips' Avance Juicer, the process is decidedly easy and has been proven in many cases to help aid weight loss and increase water content in the body.

We'll take Jason Vale's word for it. After all, he is The Juice Master isn't he?

– Alya Al-Othman

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor before taking part in any dietary or health changes in your lifestyle. Although juicing is recommended by experts, it is not suitable for all body types, especially ones with health ailments.

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