There's a new dining concept in Kuwait and it seems it will be an instant favorite for food enthusiasts. The official opening of the new luxurious restaurant Véranda took place in The Avenues at Harvey Nichols on the 12th March 2013 and we were invited to review the new dining concept.

Located on the first floor of Harvey Nichols, Véranda is a fine haute cuisine concept that combines the food from world-class chefs. The restaurant takes into account the finest interior decor details as the environment of the restaurant is created by the international designer Adam D. Tihany.  The dining concept is inspired from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

The opening night was filled with delicious food that was exotic and full of flavor, all fresh from the kitchen. Everything Véranda serves is made from scratch in their own kitchen, even the fresh-ground coffee, and the bread is straight from their bakery.

We started by going up a visually stunning staircase and must say that everything about the interior of the restaurant is very detailed. The combination of 3D elements with a sleek design is seen all throughout the space.

An assortment of appetizers
Mutabbal on aubergine

We started our dinner with a variety of different dishes, Hummus, Muttabal, alongside bread that was fresh out of the oven. They served shrimp, with their own saffron lime Mayo sauce, and delicious duck spring rolls.

Then the good stuff came in, two appetizers, two main dishes, and two desserts. We started off with delicious smoked salmon, I don’t want to ruin the surprise but the smoked salmon is actually smoked on your table in a very interesting way. It is topped with a small salad along with Canadian lobster ravioli. Both were delicious, extremely light and were the perfect appetizers to warm up with.

Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon
Lamb Moussaka

Then, we went on to the main dish which included Lamb Moussaka and Hamour medallions. Each dish had its distinct, flavorful taste that compliments the other elements within the plate.

The grand finale was my personal favorite. The dessert I started off with was the mille-feuille, and yes I inhaled it. It was moist and was an explosion of cream and raspberries.

The delicious mille-feuille
Chocolate mousse with fresh ground coffee

I then started sipping my espresso while indulging in the decadent chocolate mousse which I could easily say was made in heaven. It was beyond perfection. While indulging and digging through the chocolate mouse, cherry sauce burst out from the middle. That was definitely a sweet surprise!

At Véranda the menu changes every six months and depends strictly on the season. There will be a breakfast menu which will serve fresh baked goods straight from their own bakery coming soon as well.

Véranda is currently open for lunch and dinner. Guests can enter Véranda directly off Grand Avenue. 

– Nehal KIH



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