Beauty blogger and celebrity makeup artist Huda Kattan has fulfilled her dream of launching her own collection of false eyelashes! Coveted by some of the most prestigious clientele in the world, the secret behind Huda's makeup has always been beautiful lashes.

She explains, "I grew up in a beautiful family with some of the most gorgeous lashes known to man! For some reason, I ended up having absolutely NO lashes and became obsessed with them. By age 14, I was a pro at applying false lashes. I still remember my first pair… I just loved the way they transformed my look!" After experiencing just how different lashes made her look and feel, Huda knew she had to launch a signature collection of false lashes.

Huda Beauty

Huda’s Lash Love Story: 
Beauty guru Huda Kattan recalls the first time she knew she had to share her lashes secret with the world. "When I began blogging, I noticed a huge interest in my false lashes". She elaborates, "having always customized, cut and and glued several pairs together, it was hard to explain how anyone could achieve the same look at home".

Now eyelash fans everywhere can easily do so by getting their hands on the Huda Beauty Eyelash Collection! The collection enables both lash experts and novices to instantly change the way they look and feel. The Huda Beauty Eyelashes empower women to build the right amount of drama. "I wanted to give women the power to feel just as glamorous and gorgeous as their favorite movie star, and I truly believe the Huda Beauty Eyelashes can achieve this instantly!" Huda explains, "In my world, I let the lashes do all the talking!"

Disclaimer and warning: eyes this gorgeous may cause serious drama!

The Huda Beauty Lashes are now available exclusively at Sephora The Dubai Mall.

Huda Beauty Eyelashes

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