Top Gear (the UK version not that other one) has always been known for reviewing the most incredible cars. When you think Top Gear, you think of the Veyron Super Sport or the Lamborghini Aventador, but in their incredible 19th season, they've reviewed a car which may not be for sale anytime soon but was created from the hands of the always clever and hilarious show's host Jeremy Clarkson. Ladies and gentlemen, check out the smallest car in the world: the P45.

Size doesn't always matter and the P45 is the perfect example of that. Despite it's compact size, it still has everything you need from a car: a seat, a steering wheel, a windshield, four tires and even head protection and a convertible top! Seems appealing right?

The funny looking car has a gas tank that can only fill 1.7 liters – which won't take you very far – and with a minimal top speed, it may not be the wisest choice of transportation when moving from A to B.

We think this "car" is ludicrous and can't imagine anyone even thinking of purchasing one (if it ever goes on the market), but hats off to Jeremy Clarkson for this fantastically amusing invention!

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