All of you Harry Potter fans must have went home after each movie and attempted flying on the broomstick in your kitchen. For many of us imaginative folk, whatever we can't make come true, we put in art and that's exactly what "The Japanese Harry Potter" did. and what better way to show off your art than via the number onemobile photo-sharing application (Instagram)?

Instagram is the main hub for Halno, a graphic designer from Japan, and with his brilliant art,  it's not surprising that he's managed to get over 50,000 followers. Self-portraits of himself on a broomstick around Japan has generated appreciation and interest around the world.

The artist himself gives tips on how you can draw yourself on a broomstick. “To create your own copycat version of the ‘flying broomstick’, it is important to bend the legs, and make sure you perfect your facial expression, no excitement needed!” Trust me, this is something to learn.

For more photos, check out Halno's Instagram profile @Halno.






Images: www.designtaxi.com

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