WCSS Tabaq Al Khair

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their founding, Kuwait's Women’s Cultural and Social Society (WCSS) is celebrating with the release of a collection of documented photos of their cultural, social, and political activities taken over the course of 50 years.

Since 1963, the WCSS's main purpose has always been to promote and develop the role of the Kuwaiti woman in society, and even after half a century of activity, it still hopes to spread the word on the important role of Kuwaiti women volunteers, inspiring the new generation of women to engage in community service in the country and to defend women’s rights.

Among its many accomplishments is establishing the first kindergarten in Kuwait in 1974, with the purpose of taking care of the children of female workers. The WCSS also provided special classes for uneducated women in order to help  give them the education that they didn't recieve. As the popular Arabic proverb says, "A women's education is equivalent to the education of an entire generation," which is why the WCSS has always emphasized on the importance of education.

Kuwaiti women didn’t have the right to vote in the National Parliament elections until May 2005, thanks to the popular demands and protest movements held by women and women's rights supporters in the country. The WCSS has always been one of the strongest women's rights advocates and has contributed to the cause for years.

The WSCC prides itself on being an independent institution, one that operates solely on the efforts of its members and volunteers, and is not funded or a part of the governmental sector. All activities that took place at the WSCC or by the WSCC were the result of the volunteer's efforts.

To view WCSS's archive photos, go to their Instagram account @wcss_q8 and comment, like, or share their photos. For more information on WCSS visit www.kwcss.com

– Fajer Al Farsi





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