LumineersThe Grammys are upon us ladies and gentlemen, and though I’m usually excited, I can’t help but think the night has lost its luster. The Grammys are no longer about seeing your favorite artists getting recognition. Now, we get excited trying to figure out what outrageous getup Lady Gaga will undoubtedly shock us with or when Beyonce will undoubtedly find new ways to wow us or if we will cringe as Lil Wayne decides to take his shirt off.

The Grammys are no longer about the music, or else why would Taylor Swift get so many awards each year? How many break up anthems do we really need? And how are we not over Rihanna by now?

If you feel like updating your iPod and jamming to some good sounds then check out some of these artists:

Ed Sheeran

The Suffolk native who came into the spotlight last year with his hit “A- Team” has been shaking things up with his sweet lyrics and interesting beats. His debut album “+” is bound to impress and enchant you.

Recommended tracks: Give Me Love, You Need Me I Don’t Need You, U.N.I, Gold Rush


The Lumineers 

You may know this folk-rock trio from their hit “Ho Hey” playing on the radio. The quirky band has a new and fresh sound that isn’t quite as strange as Bon Iver but not as mainstream as Mumford and Sons. Their album will charm you with their soulful lyrics.

Recommended tracks: Dead Sea, Stubborn Love, Flapper Girl



Rapper Macklemore (real name Ben Haggerty) has slowly been building a loyal fan base since 2005 with his independently released EPs. His recently released single “Thrift Shop” peaked at number 1 on iTunes and Billboard Hot 100.  While his album “The Heist” can be didactic at times, the rapper has set himself apart with tracks that combine skilled rhymes, unusual topics, and fun beats.

Recommended tracks: Wing$, Thrift Shop, Castle, My Oh My, Victory lap


Young the Giant

The indie rock band from California is expected to release a second album later this year and has been creating quite a buzz with their music since their debut album dropped back in 2010. Despite the lack of new content, their old tracks (and remixes thereof) still remain fresh.

Recommend tracks: Cough Syrup, My Body, Apartment, 12 Fingers.



The British band which started with solo artist Elena Tonra has been feeding their fans just enough tracks to keep them coming back since  2010. With three EPs under their belt, the band was finally signed to a record last year and announced the release of their debut album sometime this year.

Recommended tracks: Youth, Landfill, Candles, Peter

– Haya Al-Farhan

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