A salon specialized in blow dries is what Blo Dry Bar is all about, a concept that is first of its kind in Kuwait. After trying the place out for the first time, the first thing any customer will notice is the astounding artwork and colors that are across the walls. The salon itself is very cosy, it almost feels like a little loft with an open American kitchen, chairs of different styles and colors. There are lots of  funky little objects for decoration, giving a kitschy feeling to the setup. We even spotted a Monstariam illustration! You can't put a label on the style of the shop, it is unique in its own way. We personally love the place and its innovative theme.

The best thing about the salon is how all the brushes are sanitized before using them on the customers' hair, we believe that this is a very important aspect that not all hair salons abide with. Blo Dry Bar is very convenient for when you want an express blo dry, hair treatments and hair coloring are offered as well upon appointment. Although most girls can do it themselves, this salon is for those who need grooming on-the-go, between two meetings, for a last minute commitment or simply for a more professional result. With an exhilarating massage, you won't leave Blo-Dry Bar without looking your best, and all in no time! Shampoos and hair treatment creams are available on the counter for sale, Bumble & Bumble is one of the brands that is available there, which we haven't seen in other hair salons in Kuwait.

Blo Dry Bar is located in Dar Al Awadhi complex, pass by without a prior appointment and enjoy the experience!

Dar Al-Awadhi Complex
Sharq, Ahmed Al-Jaber Street
Basement 1
Tel: 22 32 22 72/3


– Fajer Al Farsi

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