Adnan"This weather is drying out my hands." Now what does that mean?! Would a rainy day help? I have no idea!

This is how I started my week. This one was full of randomness which is always an interesting conversation starter. That's what we do at  the office. Start with one topic, go to another and end up talking about the strangest things. We also sit down, work and get serious. And so to start it off..

The fifth issue just came out so that was the highlight of the week. Woohoo! We also had a really interesting photo shoot and Captain was really professional and it turned out really well! Oh yeah, I didn't tell you. Instead of using real names, I'm using made-up ones. Like for instance, the divas are Americano, Water Stealer, X-Grande Latte, Turban, Braces, Critic and F2.

First of all, Water Stealer, stop stealing the water bottles from the fridge. X-Grande Latte really freaked us out with the list of worst airlines ever. Thanks for that. I won't share the list so you'll feel the fright with me when travelling season hits. Turban suddenly started to support me in my diet (or she just stopped with the comments, which is also fine), and I still don't have it in me to sit in F2's seat. Critic is back and so was her criticism towards the new issue. Surprise, surprise. Braces, who isn't much of an attendee, hasn't been here all week so she's off the hook.

I also started my week off with some good news as I saw the new model who will be featured in the new issue and all I have to say is "WOOF!" I suggested to my superiors that I be the photographer, the stylist, the producer, or anybody for that matter. I think that suggestion went into the trash.

Things went from bad to worse. When a man hears "I found the woman of your dreams", you think tanned, black hair, and extremely hot. But after the divas showed me images of a woman with the biggest hips in the world, I can never look at women the same way. I mean, it was as if her family was living inside of her. It was horrific. The image is stuck in my head forever. Guys, beware. When a girl comes up to you and says, "I found the woman of your dreams", pass. It's never good. Trust me.

Other than the list of worst airlines and everybody's flight experiences, another topic was brought up which I think is an issue which must be dealt with by the public ASAP. Murses. As in man purses. It has been going on for a while now and luckily, the divas all agree with me that it is wrong. No need to see a husband with a Louis Vuitton bag next to his wife who carries her wallet in her back pocket. 'GO TEAM' on agreeing together!

So what I'm saying is we can all get along and agree on some issues (not the big hips). Oh yeah, I recently graduated from university too so you could congratulate me in the comment box down below. If you do, I'll mention in the next column how special and caring you are. So scroll down, leave your name and comment. Thank you!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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