Restaurants and cafes have been spreading in Kuwait faster than the baby boom period. We're witnessing the latest in food concepts and design with young entrepreneurs managing restaurants, serving delicious dishes, having fancy decorations and an unusual choice of music.

Someday by Dana Al Otaibi emphasizes pure simplicity. Upon entering, you are surrounded by basic furniture, classic art and magazine cutouts on the wall. Enjoy great food sitting on white benches with a beautiful flower vase in the middle, just like sitting in a park.  The music fits the interior perfectly. Songs like 'I'll There For You' by The Rembrandts and 'Gettin' Jiggy With It' by Will Smith were a little extra pleasure we had during the tasting. We wanted to stay longer only because we couldn't keep our eyes off the stunning interior.  The food is simple, light and so very tasty!  We tried to taste everything available but we did try the best sandwiches, desserts and drink you'll find in town.


There is a great selection of everyday juices and other drinks at 'Someday'. We had 'Pelegrino Lemon', and 'Amazon Iced Tea' which both fit perfectly with the dishes mentioned below.


Kushari Salad: We thought this was a good dish with amazing sauce! A great choice to start your 'Someday' experience.

Orzo Salad: A rather big proportion for a salad, we also thought it was too citric. Still delicious though.



Main Courses

Chicken Cranberry: Our favorite dish of the day! This sandwich is light, absolutely appetizing and the perfect choice for chicken-lovers.

Pink Pasta: The team was all fans of pasta and unfortunately this one wasn't a favorite. Maybe because it was microwaved? The portion was good and still had flavorful ingredients.

Beef Shawarma: A little heavy on the stomach and we felt there was something 'strange' with the sandwich but couldn't put a finger on it. Still good for a classic shawarma.




Basboosa: Classic basboosa, which had that 'homemade' feeling to it, you know?

Red Velvet Mini-Handbites: Some of us thought it was dull while others felt it was mouth-watering. Go try it for yourself and let us know!

Brownies: The texture and taste of this was inch-perfect. Sweet, warm and melts in your mouth with the first bite. A little extra with caramel inside too.

Rocky Road: Not as heavy as it looks. Surprisingly very light and full of flavor!

Truffles: This, on the other hand, was too rich and certainly needed a dose of coffee on the side.

Someday is located in front of Al Salhiya Complex, Kuwait. 

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Images courtesy of Someday



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