Natoof, an innovative design studio, has today announced the release of a new book, Mawahib: The Talent Directory, to inspire, encourage, highlight and showcase astounding talents in the world of Arabic design and photography. The book, offers an immediate look at some of the most astounding talents in design and photography in the Arab world, but also helps the reader connect with designers and photographers to complete projects and jobs.

This first edition of Mawahib: The Talent Directory features the best graphic designers, illustrators and photographers from throughout the United Arab Emirates (subsequent volumes will expand this scope). However, it is far more than a mere directory of names and contact information. Mariam Bin Natoof, the book’s compiler as well as founder, editor in chief and creative director of Natoof, designed the book to present the talents of each individual, displaying their work and exploring what drives their passions.

Greater insight into the passions of each featured professional is accomplished by participants sharing their inspirations, daily routines, personal insights and valuable advice. Extra images from sketchbook pages, studio shots, inspirational objects and personal photography allow readers to peek at their work and their artistic gifts.


Mariam Bin Natoof says, “My aim is to highlight professional Arab designers, illustrators and photographers and make it easier for the target audience to find them. As a designer myself, I have faced several situations where I needed to find another designer to collaborate with or refer clients, but I only knew two other designers. Sometimes you need a list – a reliable list for referencing. However, the talent to design, draw and take a picture is not enough. I wanted to make sure that those featured in the book at least have a sense of professionalism in communicating with future clients and are able to deliver incredible projects.”

Currently, Mawahib: The Talent Directory will be available via the book’s official website, as well as through leading UAE bookstores and select independent retailers. Upcoming editions of Mawahib: The Talent Directory will broaden the scope of the book and include Arab talents on a larger scale.

To find out more about Mawahib: The Talent Directory, visit

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