Art takes different shapes and forms, and whoever appreciates art should make sure to attend Fatina Al Sayed’s art exhibition “Emotions with Motions” starting December 12 till December 17.

The distinguished Syrian/Kuwaiti art curator, Fatina Al Sayed, continues to this day to surpass and exceed herself with every new exhibition that she organizes. As she is introducing her latest innovative art exhibition "Emotions with Motions", she says:

Emotion is the most powerful and empowering human asset. An emotion without a doubt leads to motion, at least I believed. Today, I have to contradict my belief and sadly admit that motion controls our emotions. In this chaotically numbing world, the flow between stillness and motion, emotions and insensibility have blurred. There is no order. There is no more room for raw emotion, distinct from the motions of this concrete jungle. And if there is no time for sentiments, then this is not a world any human would want to live in. We breathe stillness and insensibility more than acknowledging the power of our intelligence. Yet it is both motions and emotions that have guided me to bring back feelings and passion. The location of the event is connected to me; it is outdoors, reflects the spreading of my wings and the availing of an art reborn into nature… Thanks to those who had faith in me. I wouldn't have done this without you.

A wide range of contemporary artists from the Arab Gulf came to collaborate and showcase their work at the exhibition, merging all types of artwork such as oil paintings, sculptures and photography to reflect the idea of connecting between emotions and motion and how both merge together in a human’s daily life.

Artists that will take part in the exhibition include:

Fareed Abdal – Kuwaiti Calligraphy artist

Ibrahim Habib – Kuwaiti Calligraphy / Sculpture artist

Riyadh Neamah – Iraqi Mix Media  & Realism artist

Jamal Abdel Rahim – Bahraini Sculpture artist

Reda Salem – Kuwaiti Fine Arts photographer

Lamis Abdo – Saudi Calligraphy artist

Ghazwan Allaf – Syrian Sculpture artist

Zouheir Hassib – Syrian artist

Bader Qabazard – Kuwaiti Fine Arts photographer

Aya Kheir – Syrian artist

Ali Sultan – Iraqi/German artist

Amira Behbahani – Kuwaiti artist

Nawaf Al Ali – Kuwaiti Fine Arts photographer

Aziz Al Mudhaf – Kuwaiti artist

Abdallah Al Awadi – Kuwaiti artist

Akssam Saloum – Syrian artist

The VIP reception will be held on December 12, 2012, at 7.00 pm, at the outdoor area of C CLUB (Bidaa). 
The exhibition will be available for public viewing from the 13th to the 17th of December at the C CLUB (Bidaa) indoor lounge from 6.00 to 9.00 pm.
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