If there's one thing we know for sure, it would be that The Gathering Bistro is bound to be a hit here in Kuwait. At the end of the month of November, its class and simplicity will surely be popular with people of all ages. We were invited to a tasting in this new concept by two young Kuwaiti's and were told to keep lots of room for desserts, which is never a bad thing.

Located in Noor Building in Salhiya, the restaurant's interior is hip and unique with classic tables and chairs. The fact that the whole design represents a street, café, and bazaar all in one was really creative and eye-catching! The graffiti is really striking and the mood inside was just perfect for visiting The Gathering Bistro anytime of the day. Although we were invited to a simple tasting, the service was beyond satisfying. The staff was very helpful, considerate and were always on the watch for any help the customers needed. Service was quick and the food was brought at a good temperature too. The only drawback was that the techno music didn't work well with the restaurant's style. We'd rate the overall experience greatly and we cannot wait to try it again!

We had the chance of trying out their best dishes and here a few to tingle your taste buds:

Moroccan Cigars
Taco Drops


We like to think that the first impression is the most important and we were certainly impressed by the appetizers. Delicious, colorful and absolutely mouth-watering, these appetizers should be on your list when visiting the Gathering Bistro.

Morrocon Cigars – Rolls with filled minced beef, with a side of savory sauce to add that 'extra' flavor. Why not have a cigar this time?

Taco Drops – Taco's as drop-size appetizers. The toppings will surely get you asking for more! Light, healthy and pretty good!

Lasagna cream with meatballs


After the appetizers, we wondered what would come next and we were not disappointed! A delicious sour cream mushroom soup followed by a lasagna cream dish with meatballs, we had to have an empty appetite to have space for all these amazing entrées!

Sour cream mushroom soup – This is one of our favorite soups ever! Why you ask? The flavorful mushrooms give you that satisfying feeling you wish for when eating! Topped with spices, this soup is certainly a choice when visiting.

Lasagna cream with meatballs – Your only chance to have meatballs with lasagna. We would certainly order this next time because of its light cheese topping and creamy inside. What we think? Pretty creative!

Mushroom Risotto
BBQ sandwich
Turkey sandwich

Main Courses

If we were tempted by the entrées, we were really overwhelmed with what the main course involved. Four spectacular dishes were on their way and we literally had no words to describe how delicious they were.

Mushroom Risotto – Risotto topped with creamy mushrooms. Zesty, delightful and so very inviting. There are many Risotto dishes in Kuwait and we think this one may top the list.

BBQ Sandwich – The most delicious sandwich you can find in town. Two pieces of cheesy, crispy bread filled with BBQ chicken, melted cheese, vegetables and mixed all together into one bite. You get the taste of a sandwich you will not get anywhere else.

Lasagna – Three words: Lighter than heaven!

Turkey Sandwich – This sandwich is scrumptious, filled with turkey, cheese and a side of fries. Superb.

Chocolate cheese cake
Chocolate overdose
Date cake


Now for the dessert. Three words: Rich, creamy and smooth. The desserts were simply perfect, not too light and not too heavy. We felt these were sent straight down from heaven.

Chocolate Cheese Cake – Mouthwatering cheese cake. This dessert is smooth, rich with flavor and leaves you longing for one more bite.

Cheese Brownie – We never tried a more delightful cheese cake. This is one is surely to-die-for.

Chocolate Overdose – The only time the word 'overdose' can be used positively. Cookie pie filled with divine, melted chocolate. Need we say more?

Date Cake – This marvelous cake was surely a killer and will make your taste buds go crazy.

The Gathering Bistro is located at Noor Building in Salhiya, Kuwait. To get in contact with them, call 22449091.

Text and images: Adnan Al-Timimi

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