Voice for Success’ , a program initiated by en.v in collaboration with The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) , aims to promote social activism in Kuwait by giving promising young activists greater visibility through targeted media platforms and campaigns. This non-profit program, initiated in September 2011, has a main objective of raising awareness about the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time and encourages creativity, innovation and greater civic participation amongst the younger generations.  The result has been 9 articles and 15 videos that  illustrate the initiatives of outstanding individuals and organizations trying to make a positive contribution to Kuwaiti society.

The participants selected through the program include youth groups fighting against bullying and discrimination; children's rights advocates and non-profit groups raising awareness about intellectual disabilities; initiatives promoting government accountability and civic participation; as well as environmental activists working on animal protection and marine conservation in Kuwait.

In September 2012 en.v held the ‘Voice for Success’ Online Competition, during which everyone was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite ‘Voice for Success’ initiative. With over 800 votes counted, en.v  announced the competition’s three winners: Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh, leading Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, academic and political researcher; Maali Al Asousi, co-founder of the Business and Professional Women’s Kuwaiti chapter and founder and chairwoman of Tamkeen, a non-profit organization promoting development in the Arab world; and last but not least, Zeina Al Sultan, founder of the Special Mothers group, working to raise awareness about adoption and promoting the rights of orphan children and adoptive parents in Kuwait.

All three winners received electronic equipment worth a total of 750KWD to help them in their work or to donate to other non-profit initiatives.

To learn more about the winners and other inspirational candidates visit www.voiceforsuccess.envearth.com.

– Khaleejesque Staff

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