Organizers of the International Coffee & Tea Festival, which is the only dedicated trade event for the coffee and tea industry in the Arab world, stated that their findings showed that tea is the 2nd most popular drink in the UAE after water. The most popular kind of tea in the UAE and a regional GCC favorite is the traditional black tea; even though there are more people graviating towards green tea.

The numerous health benefits associated with tea also contribute to the high tea ratings and are seen as key factors driving the increasing consumption of the beverage. Several studies are proving that drinking tea, especially green tea, helps to lower the risk of heart disease, boost the immune system, protect against cancer, lower blood pressure and speed up metabolism.

Mr. Ryan Godinho, National Coordinator for UAE World Coffee Events, states: “It is a combination of factors that makes tea such a popular beverage in the UAE. If we consider demographic factors, the country’s population is mainly comprised of ethnicities that are primarily tea consumers.”

The Organisers of the International Coffee & Tea Festival expect tea’s popularity to increase, reaffirming the findings of a previous study by Emirates Industrial Bank (EIB), which also reveals that the strong demand for tea in the UAE, supported by the high growth in population, has contributed to almost a 50 per cent increase in the price of tea in recent years.

The International Coffee and Tea Festival will be held in Dubai from 30th October to 2nd November 2012, and will feature an exclusive TasteTEA Zone, which will serve as an excellent platform for exhibitors to showcase their expertise and share new ways of preparing and serving the beverage with the public.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images: Piotr Menducki, and Salina Hainzl

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