Alaa and Dalal AlHomaizi, the founders behind the SPEAK Campaign

Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, SPEAK Campaign are organizing a the two-day event  that aims to raise awareness about mental health and stress issues in Kuwait. SPEAK which stands for Standing for Psychological Education and Awareness in Kuwait will be conducting a psychiatry conference that aims to deliver a clear message:

1. No one should have to suffer. Knowledge can empower.

2. You can play a huge role in raising awareness to this important issue.

3. You can make a difference by pledging to attend!

The campaign supports people with severe mental illness by raising awareness regarding the importance of mental illness and associating it with the importance of heart disease and cancer. They also aim to deliver enough knowledge to get rid of the reputation surrounding mental illnesses especially since more than one in three people report a disorder for at least one disability.

Kuwaiti twins Alaa and Dalal AlHomaizi are behind this whole campaign. After studying psychology in the Northeastern University in Boston and working as full-time student research assistants in Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School, they decided to create SPEAK as a response to the negativity they got for choosing a career in psychology. “Currently they have organized the biggest event this year; the World Mental Health Day 2012 event in association with the Center for Mental Health and the Ministry of Health”

The event will include professional seminars for health professionals and medical students from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm followed by interactive presentations for the public from 5pm to 8pm which will be featuring Harvard doctors, the SPEAK campaign, and much more. 

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