Haikure Jeans is the first 100% eco-denim brand in the world. Made in Italy out of eco-fashion materials that fit and enhance the body's curves, the Haikure Jeans brand aims to "respect the planet and people through a new lifestyle, where the latest fashion trends and sustainability come together, while always seeking product innovation and maximum transparency."

Reported as one of the new  participants to the top five global denim players list by Fashion Illustrated, Haikure is one of the first ever jeans brand to introduce QR Code technology. This technology allow every consumer to track down every detail about the pair of jeans they are buying from where it was made to where it was packaged; which makes the whole process of buying a pair of jeans as transparent as possible.

The QR Code technology not only allows the the buyer to access live on the spot information about the pair they are thinking of buying but also provides an exclusive opportunity to have personal shopper suggestions on how to better fit the jeans out. All that information can be accessed on the spot at the boutique as the consumer is looking through the racks. No other brand of jeans provides this openness between consumer and producer.

Haikure is the set to take the world by storm with it's eco-friendly attitude and QR Code technology; with Haikure Jeans, you definitely wear the change!

For more information about Haikure Jeans, check out their website.

– Khaleejesque Staff

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