Farouk Saad Al-Zoman, the first Saudi to climb Mount Everest, will be speaking at Katara, Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar on Saturday 1st September. The thirty year old Al-Zoman will speak to the audience about his dramatic and adventurous journey to the world's highest peak (29,000 feet!) back in 2008.

Al-Zoman, who is a trained mountaineer, underwent intense training to prepare for this journey, and was accompanied by four climbers from Canada, Oman and France. It took him 70 days to scale the imposing Everest, and with that he became the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's first national to climb the entire mountain (and raise his nation's flag). The inspiring Al-Zoman is one of only 2,436 (there have been 4000 attempts so far) international climbers to successfully climb Everest.

“By sharing my experience, I hope to provide the motivation and inspiration to help young Qataris and expats achieve their personal goals. I am honored to be provided with this opportunity to influence future Arab generations, and it gives me great pleasure to be here in Qatar,” said Al-Zoman about his upcoming talk.

Al- Zoman is also a certified Taekwondo instructor, professional swimmer, martial arts specialist, and certified motivational speaker.

Farouk Al-Zoman's lecture (in Arabic) will take place on Saturday 1st September, 6:30pm in the Drama Theatre, Building 16, Katara, Doha, Qatar.

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