Samsung's new Series 9 notebook PC has managed to become the thinnest notebook in the world, with its incredibly slim aerodynamic design that employs the latest third generation Intel i5/i7 processors. The Samsung Series 9 is available in a 13-inch model, making it the world’s thinnest and most compact 13-inch notebook, and a 15-inch version, which is the world’s thinnest and lightest 15-inch notebook.


The Series 9 shell is made of 100% aluminum and finished with a matte surface. The 13-inch notebook measures 12.9mm and weighs 1.16kg, while the 15-inch notebook weighs a mere 1.59kg making them more compact than any existing thin notebook.


The notebooks use a third generation Intel® Core™ processor, and include a 4GB/8GB memory and a 128GB/256GB SSD. The Series 9 adopts an anti-aging battery technology, allowing up to 10 hours of usage on the 15-inch notebook and up to 7.3 hours of usage on the 13-inch notebook.

When it comes to speed, the new Series 9 boots in 9.8 seconds, and wakes up in 1.4-seconds and provides a 2-times faster web browsing experience.

The new design is fitted with an LED HD+ screen display that offers up to 400nit brightness, which is almost two times brighter than an average display (usually 220nit). The screens are designed to be anti-glare and can reduce light reflection, making it more efficient to use both indoor and outdoor.


One of Series 9's most intelligent features is its backlit keyboard and display screen which can adjust its brightness based on the user’s background environment. Not only does this reduce battery and electricity consumption, but it saves the users' time since they won't have to change the brightness manually. (Bonus points for being environmentally friendly!)

In addition, the Series 9 enhances productivity through its extra-large touch pad that includes 3D imaging touch technology which has reduces sensor error. The touch pad can sense a range of gesture commands giving the users the option to use the touch pad without having to manually click it.

Prices start from USD 1400

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