Wondering how to keep your coif frizz-free this summer, or how to recreate the perfect neon pout?  Look no further than Huda Beauty, the blog created by Huda Heidi Kattan, a Hollywood trained makeup artist and Dubai-based beauty consultant. Huda chats with Nadine Fattouh and shares some of her tips for getting the best makeup looks this summer.

From runway looks to red carpet ones, the Huda Beauty blog teaches makeup savvy readers how to achieve the most sought after looks donned by Hollywood’s glitterati and fashion’s glamour icons. She gives full coverage on the latest news, styles and happenings in the beauty industry firsthand through her blog sharing tips and tricks through regular postings on makeup, hair, nails, and skincare.

Keeping on trend with beauty has never been easier with Huda’s YouTube video tutorials, which present various techniques to achieve a variety of celebrity looks, requested by some of her 24,000 strong Facebook followers. Tutorials range from naturally, fresh-faced visages, to Kim K’s signature vampy Black Smoky eye.

What is the hottest makeup trend for this summer and what staples should be found in our makeup bags this season?

I recently got to sit down with Pat McGrath in Paris when she was dishing on some of her latest trends for the season and, of course, clear skin was a HUGE one. I think clear skin never goes out of style. One thing I really love to get gorgeous clear skin is the Max Factor 2-in-1 foundation which acts as a moisturizer and foundation. Pat is a huge fan and it looked amazing on her as well!

I also think BB Creams are becoming quite trendy, but they are just as useful as they are chic. I have noticed my skin has improved dramatically from using them and I like to use them daily. My favorite BB Cream is from Maybelline and I also love the one from Dior. They are both musts!

What are some makeup tips for keeping your look fresh and melt-proof this summer?

It's really hard to keep your makeup in place during the summer, especially with the Dubai heat, but one thing I always do is carry around blotting sheets or Starbucks napkins. They are a makeup artist secret! Since they are recycled, they soak up sweat and keep your skin matte and beautiful.

Huda Beauty includes product reviews, beauty remedies, video tutorials, among other things

Why did you choose to be Vaseline Arabia’s Brand Ambassador?

I get a LOT of inquiries for ambassadorships, but I pretty much refuse to take on these types of roles since I don't like anything to jeopardize what I can or can't write about. I have always loved Vaseline and since they really didn't have any competitors that I thought came even close to their products, (and they actually told me I could write freely about any other brands – this is always a MUST for me), I agreed! I honestly use their Intense Moisture Cocoa Butter almost every single day (when I'm not trying out other products).

What are the latest must-have beauty products?

I personally can't live without a good body moisturizer and the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone has been amazing at clearing my skin. It actually got rid of all my scars and marks that were new and made my legs look clear and healthy. I am also obsessed with the Olay White Radiance Serum and this is a must for every woman. It has made my skin so even toned and I honestly wear less makeup because of it. I love the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, they are amazingly beautiful on and feel great.

As for my lashes, I loooove the Dior Show Primer – it's actually made my lashes fuller and healthier. My favorite makeup remover is Bioderma Sensibo since it removes everything almost instantly and gently. My last thing is vitamins. I take Omega 3-6-9 every day, but also Omega 7 and Biotin. I can't live without vitamins!

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