Here in Kuwait we are all used to the original and creative ads that pop up on our TV screens during the holy month of Ramadan. From bank ads and restaurants to telecommunication ads and clinics, Ramadan ads are always something to look forward to during this month.

Here are some of the ads being aired live on our channels in Kuwait. Feel free to share ads you've seen that you think are really special. Watch, enjoy, and tell us which ones are your favorites!

This ad, produced by Cinemagics features a Bollywood scene with the usual synchronized act of singing and dancing alongside a man who does his best to save a woman from falling from a building. We're not surprised this one is a huge favorite.


Boubyan Bank
Bank ads always show the love and care between family and friends and this ad is no different. This ad features Mshari Al-Afasy and one of his anasheed that talks about compassion and kindness between humans all over the world.


National Bank of Kuwait
NBK always produces special and imaginative ads whether it's a bunch of children running around singing and dancing or a camel walking around in a city. This year, NBK's ad talks about growing up and achieving success.


Gulf Bank
Take Kuwaiti legend Abdulla Al-Rowaished, a family, their driver, two women, a housemaid and two guys. What do you get? Gulf Bank's fantastic and warm ad.


FastTelco's ad will definitely get you singing and dancing. This one literally shows the meaning of slow internet. You don't want to suffer with a lagging connection. All you need to do is connect. Trust me, this ad will get you singing along.


Don't worry, be happy. Spread happiness around by helping people out, giving out a hand and live happy in this beautiful world.


It's a new holy month. Ramadan gathers people together through love and care. Your daily life takes on changes. If you had resolutions to fulfill what would they be? Helping the needy? Shedding off a couple of pounds? Cooking for friends and neighbors? We think this ad is much better than the one where a man is trapped in a desert facing a lion and uses his three wishes to not keep himself alive, but to have a Viva line.


Wataniya Telecom
We are all busy with our jobs, hobbies or just relaxing at home before Futoor but we never stop keeping in touch with our family, friends and loved ones. Please, when it's time for Futoor, phone's are not to be at the table!


Kuwait Finance House
During Ramadan, spending time with family and friends is always a nice, warm aspect. Interacting with them, sharing a laugh, helping out and have a delightful Futoor is what Ramadan is all about.


Dawrat Al-Rothan
Named after the late Abdulla Mshari Al-Rothan, this football tournament features some of most talented footballers in our region including international players as well. For the past 33 years, this tournament bought many great memories and surprises including visits of football legends Roberto Carlos, Edwin Van Der Sar, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti and many more. No doubt this year's tournament will capture more memories and here is an ad of who the star guests will be.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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