Change By FAS is the latest clothing brand to grace the streets of Kuwait. But, as the website indicates, it’s not your typical clothing brand. While a major part of the brand is its three collections, custom designs are available as well.

FAS is short for Farah Al Saeed, the designer, who first launched her clothing line two years ago after designing a custom piece for one of her friends. After receiving positive feedback about the piece, she was inspired to take her clothing line to the next level, and Change By FAS was born.

To date, Farah has launched three collections. Her first collection, The Revolution of Leggings, was just that — studded, fringed, lace-decorated, and pearl-trimmed leggings dominate the collection. Each item in Explosion, composed of three dresses and three tops, derives its name from a slightly exaggerated personality type, such as the “Ballerina Najla” and the “Punk Rocker.”

Farah’s latest collection, Till Death Do Us Part, is a Ramadan-inspired, more traditional line made up of only three dresses. This collection is especially dear to the designer’s heart — the dresses are named after and inspired by Farah and her two sisters.

Khaleejesque has the latest scoop on Farah Al Saeed and what the clothing line has in store!

Where do you get your inspiration from when designing your styles?

Everything inspires me! The beauty of everyone and everything surrounding me serves as a constant inspiration.

How do you name your products and collections?

Every collection has a different theme and all the pieces’ names are derived from it. The Revolution Of Leggings is mainly inspired by music and artists. Explosion is a collection inspired by the celebration of self-expression and individuality. Till Death Do Us Part (personally, my favorite collection) is inspired by the family rituals and traditions Ramadan holds. I would especially like to elaborate on that collection, because the pieces were named after me and my two sisters. Our bond is very sacred and special to me; it symbolizes unity, eternity and love. What better way to express Ramadan through clothing than in that way?

What are your most popular items?

“Florence” from The Revolution of Leggings, “Ice Princess” from Explosion, and “Fouz” from Till Death Do Us Part are the bestsellers from the collections.

What have been your biggest obstacles so far?

My age has been the biggest obstacle. I started my business when I was only 16 years old, so I’ve always had to prove myself and work really hard in order for people to take me seriously. Now, I’ve reached a point where my art and designs speak for themselves; I’m no longer doubted because of my age.

We hear that when you see people wearing your designs, you stop them to take a picture of them! Is this true?

Yes, that’s true! I get really excited when I see strangers wearing my brand; whenever I go out and run into someone wearing Change By FAS, I’m feel I’m still not used to the feeling! Whenever my friends and I see someone, we walk up to them and ask if we can take their picture for the Change By FAS Instagram or the Talk Fashion section on my website.

The website indicates that you do custom designs as well. Can you tell us more about that?

Every woman should own a piece of clothing in her closet that is perfect for her, such as a top, dress, or skirt that just makes her feel absolutely beautiful. Through my custom design service I give women the opportunity to own a piece that’s made exclusively for them.

How would you describe your sense of style?

To be honest, I’m always overdressed for everything. It’s actually very embarrassing at times, but everyone’s used to it!

Describe your perfect outfit.

The perfect outfit for me is a tight white pencil skirt matched with “Ice Princess,” a top from one of my collections. Gold bangles, a classic Chanel bag and nude shoes would serve as the accessories!

What can we look forward to with your next collection?

August is going to be a major month for the brand. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, I have a lot more time. The near future of Change By FAS will be filled with surprises!

For more information on the brand, visit or their Instagram account, changebyfas.

– Kawther Albader

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