So, you’ve been working hard at looking perfect for the summer holidays. You’ve been hitting the gym hard, toning up and looking lean. You’ve been good with the diet, losing a few kilos along the way. The holidays are finally here and you are looking and feeling good. But there's one thing missing – and you probably haven't noticed.

You're missing the perfect summer body spray. And we don't just mean any spray that smells nice and reminds you of the sun and sand. We mean the ULTIMATE summer body spray, the one that will make you feel that it's summer.

Make the most of all your dedication and effort with Aroma Tonic, the new energizing body treatment spray from Lancôme. Packed full of specially selected active ingredients containing stimulating essential oils blended together, the floral-citrus spritz is perfect for reviving and revitalizing summer skin. The hydrating benefits intensely moisturize, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and uplifted.

Based on the principles of aromacosmetics, top-notes of zesty lime, woody cardamom and aromatic green maté are combined with high-tech skincare from the Lancôme laboratories to make this THE body spray for the summer. You’ll find that the antioxidant properties of purified Vitamin E combined with the smoothing and stimulating properties of Hydroxyacid will literally tone and lift your body.

This is definitely for the fans of citrusy fragrances. Think Calyx from (no-longer available) Prescriptives. If you’re still lamenting the loss of that gorgeous brand, in particular their wonderful zesty fragrance, then this one is a sure-fire substitute.

The spray is light and lingers close to the skin. It's the perfect delicate aroma for the summer, especially since the heat from your body will naturally enhance it.

Spray it all over the body (not your clothes) for a perfect way to start to your day. No other perfume needed.

– Ambarina Hasan

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