Ever wanted to comprehensively sort out your book shelf? Segregate the read from the not-read perhaps? Always wanted to compile a list of titles to keep an eye out for, but never really found the time?

The salve for literary-minded folk comes in the form of online site Goodreads.com. A social networking site for book lovers, with more than 9 million members and 220 million titles on the shelves, this web address is every bibliophile’s organizational dream. It is also the largest literary social networking website in the world!

The site acts as a book tracking/recommendation/comparison site. Not only can users add book titles onto virtual shelves, but they can also rate their latest reads, recommend titles to those on their Friends List, and even update their current book status. They can even join book discussions and take part in Q&A's with writers such as Paulo Coelho and Margaret Atwood.

Customized recommendations based on a user's interests and past reads

To make the site even more sociable, users can create groups, book clubs and discussions, and they can post their Goodreads activities on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Online shelf perusal has been made even more accessible with newly developed apps for Android, Apple and even the new Kindle Fire, allowing for greater literary mobility. And a new feature that has the website recommending books for you based on the current inhabitants of your shelf leaves one wondering if telepathic capabilities are also for installation (in reality it's a brilliant algorithm that the developers created to help you find the perfect books for you).

The site is perfect for the casual reader or the heavy reading types (aka bookworms).

–  Khaleejesque Staff

A user's bookshelf: Features book title, rating, date read, and more
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