Ramadan is synonymous with several things food, family, good, worship, and.. TV shows. Whether most of you admit to it or not everyone ends up watching at least one TV show every year. This of course, happens despite the promises you made it to yourself about not wasting time or how horribly depressing most shows are each year. That being said, here’s a list of TV show we’re looking forward to that will hopefully not disappoint us or if they do however end up being so awful that they end up being laughable.

Saher Al Lail 3

Probably one of the most anticipated show this year. The third season of the successful show is set in the 90s and is going to center around the Iraqi invasion and Gulf War. Like the first 2 seasons, though the show is set apart by the setting, the plot will center around a new love story and family drama. The show should be interesting, who doesn’t adore a good love story in the middle of a raging war? The show is written by Fahad Al-Olaiwa and directed by Mohammed Al-Shemmari. Starring; Haya Abdulsalam, Mahmoud Bo Shehri, Abdullah Bo Shehri, Jassim Al-Nabahan, and Maram.


Khadimat AlQowm

The show revolves around the secrets and stories that go behind the walls of the upper class. Everything from the disputes to relationships the show is supposed to depict and criticize the inner workings of the elite. The star-studded cast includes Jassem Al-Nabhan, Huda Houssain, and Hassan Al-Ballam.


Heber Al Eyoon

The queen of the Khaleeji screen returns once again for another heart wrenching role. Hayat Al-Fahad stars as a dedicated mother who selflessly sacrifices her life to care for her disabled daughter as well her senile husband who has been diagnosed with cancer. Smiling despite hardships and struggles is definitely a recurring theme with most of Al-Fahad’s dramatic roles so whether or not she can pull it off is not debatable. Hopefully, the show will not be overly depressing though that’s probably a long shot considering the title and plot.


Banat Aljama’a 

A continuation of last year’s Banat Althaniwiya the drama revolves around the same characters and their trials and tribulation throughout university. The main cast all return and we get to see how Samar copes with juggling her studies and married life. The show stars Shahad, Abdullah Bo Shehri,  Rownaq,  and Latifa Al-Majrin. The show is written by Mohammed Al-Nashmi.


Kayd AlNisa’a 2 

The show returns again after its successful run last year. The drama/comedy that revolves around a man and his two wives and their feuds. Fifi Abdu stars as “Kaydahum,” the first wife, and Nabeel Abeed “Halawathum” his second wife. Ahmed bideer is the unfortunate husband who will somehow makes an appearance despite supposedly dying last season.

– Haya Al-Farhan

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