Experiment ١ ,the  Kuwaiti  brand that's a mesh between architecture and fashion and who we've featured before on Khaleejesque, have recently wrapped up yet another successful exhibit.

Their exhibit, which took place in the Arabana Warehouse in Shuwaikh, showcased an array of beautifully constructed and designed bags. The display, which was in an unconventional yet intricate setting, blended  their two passions of design and engineering. It definitely was a hit and a sight for sore eyes. We thought the display was a work of art, something far from the run of the mill display shelves and hanger rails you tend to see at exhibits these days.

The exhibit not only displayed their talents in the art of designing bags, but their skills as architects and their engineering background; it was a work of art.

For more information on Experiment ١, check out their website or follow them @experiment_1 

– Khaleejesque Staff Writer

Image Credits: Arabana Project and Experiment ١


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