Braai Restaurant and Lounge, designed by the exquisitely talented interior architect Bachir Nader, is one of the most uniquely designed eateries in Lebanon. Located in the Achrafieh area of Beirut, the restaurant's interior is inspired by the South African jungles, as well as the cosmopolitan city of Beirut.

Located in the Ellipse Center in Achrafieh, Braai is a two-floor venue, visible from street level, and each floor has a different atmosphere to it, even though they are designed similarly. The top floor is encased by glass, allowing the diners to have a view of the streets outside.

Bachir designed the ground floor to have a wall lined with hollowed out wine barrels and stainless steel structures. The wall also extends into the lower level. The dining tables on this floor are different sizes, some square and some round. Some of the seats look like long sofas, while others are sleek chairs. A long modern fireplace also gives the restaurant a warm ambience.

Fifteen steps down, is the basement floor, a warm area perfect for those who want to lounge. Very similar to a bachelor pad turned library, this floor is a quieter retreat than the upper floor. It has a 7 meter chimney that divides the room in half. Even the restrooms are perfectly done!

Bachir used seating chairs for the ground floor from Rossetto and the wavy table base from Forti Giorgio. He chose the lighting and stone tables in the lounge from Tom Dixon. For the same lounge, the Saddler chairs are from Pudelskern. For the bar area, Nader chose stools and armchairs from Johanson Design.

Check out more beautiful photos below:

The restaurant area on the ground floor
The restaurant's ground floor as seen from outside
A corner of the restaurant as seen from outside at night
The lounge area located in the basement of Braai
Another view of the lounge area located in the basement of Braai
The lounge area, divided in half, makes up the entire bottom floor of Braai
The restrooms, located in the basement along with the lounge
A beautiful shot of the lounge area located in the basement
The restaurant area

Images courtesy of Bachir Nader

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