Aura, a modern home fashion brand  that is made in the Middle East and targeted to Middle Eastern clientele. Their stand alone store in Panorama Mall Riyadh is a haven for furniture and home accessorie junkies and offers an unmatched shopping experience across 900 square meters of interiors.

Taking international design trends to create bespoke aura-branded collections, the ranges are built around the concepts of Modern Classic, Edgy, Contemporary and Iconic  – each one showcasing different themes, colourways and styles to best suit the individual, giving style and budget conscious customers an array of affordable options with seasonal designs and fabrics – allowing them to bring design inspiration to their homes and spaces.

The exclusive “iconic” collection is the centrepiece of the Aura range featuring traditional Middle Eastern items designed with a modern twist. The Iconic product line includes items such as delahs, medkanas, coffee and tea cups using design that bridges tradition and modernity, bringing an element of uniqueness and giving an edge to those generic items.

Aura offers attainable luxury home fashion with a broad selection of unique products ranging from dining, living spaces, bedroom furniture, tableware, home accessories and lifestyle items, and provides all the elements one needs to create their own tailored personal interior look. An innovative destination for customers who want to develope their own unique space, Aura allows customers to select styles, shapes and colours thereby ensuring that their home is a true reflection of each of them.

Aura is much more than a home fashion brand, it's a way of living….

Aura is located at Panorama Mall in Riyadh.

Opening hours:
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM;
04:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

Contact number: +966 (01) 2813502

For more information about Aura, check out their Facebook page.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Aura

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