Khaleejesque's debut print issue, "The Culture Issue" which was released in January 2012, featured two beautiful fashion editorials, all of which included artistic touches and inspiring fashion.

Subtle Extravagance, photographed by Djinane Al Suwayeh, directed by Alya Al-Othman and Fouz Al-Sabah, and styled by Dalal Al Subaie highlighted both local and international independent designers, while touching on the glamour of the classic Middle Eastern beauty. Long dark hair and dramatic makeup courtesy of The Boudoir Salon was a necessity in this case.

Shot on location in a private residence in Kuwait, complete with Moroccan interiors and details, the editorial is an ode to the subtle luxury of Arab design. A perfect addition to an issue celebrating culture.

To see the full editorial in large format (and/or to download a free pdf copy) visit

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