The Khaleejesque team visited DecoExpo2012 which took place from 1-3, May 2012 at 360 mall. It's an exhibition that showcases businesses related to interior design and home furniture; various companies from inside and outside Kuwait have participated. The exhibition also includes kitchen accessories, wallpaper and paintings, it was a great opportunity for someone who is considering redecorating their home or adding a new addition to their furniture. As we wandered around the different booths, which were well organized, we noticed how every booth had its unique style; they suit the tastes of all people with the modern/classic furniture and interior design products. What we personally liked was the display of carpets that were randomly spread across the showroom, their vibrant colors and intriguing designs are what we liked the most about them. The way all the products were showcased was brilliant and the display alone is enjoyable. Visiting DecoExpo2012 was a wonderful experience, and we definitely look forward to their next exhibition!

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