AlKazemi's latest product from their own Latif line, white chocolate truffle with raspberry filling and covered with coconut shavings

Ali Al Kazemi, the owner of AlKazemi Food Industries who we've interviewed here, invited the Khaleejesque team to a tour at AlKazemi chocolate factory. We started off the tour with a quick stop at Ali’s office and met the general manager, Haytham, who gave us a brief background about the factory and how it started. We were then introduced to all the companies and coffee shops that AlKazemi produced chocolates for and looked at the packaging (done in-house as well) and tasted the various product lines. Though we can't mention the locations for confidentiality reasons, we can say that the list is pretty impressive!

We then began the actual tour in the factory, the smell of chocolate was appetizing, Ali took us around and showed us all the different machines and how they worked. We were then led to the room where all the chocolate was wrapped in, it was very interesting watching the process from A to Z. AlKazemi Food Industries supplies chocolate to Kuwait and various Gulf countries as well, Saudi Arabia imports tons of chocolate from the factory, it is fast growing and developing since it was established, new types of chocolate are created everyday to suit everyone’s taste. Ali wishes to expand his factory in the future by exporting his chocolate worldwide. They recently launched their own line of fine chocolate under the name of Latif which we have tried, we must say it is delicious and really can't wait to taste their future products!

For more information about AlKazemi Food Industries, check out their site

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