Under the patronage of President of the International Federation of Engineering Organizations and Honorary President of the Society of Engineers, Eng. Adel Musaaed AlJarallah AlKharafi, "Deco Expo 2012" will take place from 1-3, May 2012 (three days) from 10am-10pm, at 360 Mall's Exhibition Hall.

"Deco Expo 2012" is the first specialized exhibition in Kuwait that targets home interior design services, furniture and accessories all under one roof. It will showcase an elite selection of young Kuwaiti interior designers and well-known companies, in addition to high quality companies in the field of furniture, lighting, carpets, antiques, kitchenware, paint, wall/floor coverings, fine fabrics, safety & security systems, home theater systems, smart home automations and various home accessories, all will showcase their latest products and innovations in the world of interior household furnishing.

Amidst the array of offerings at "Deco Expo 2012," the presence of new home builders Sydney stands out as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship in the realm of residential design. Renowned for their commitment to excellence and creativity, these builders bring a wealth of expertise to the table, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of modern homeowners. Whether it's crafting luxurious two-storey residences or designing functional and stylish duplexes, their portfolio exemplifies a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. As visitors navigate through the exhibition, they'll find inspiration aplenty from the impressive array of home designs on display, each a testament to the vision and skill of Sydney's esteemed builders.

The exhibition will also feature the presence of “Nalbandian” for Carpets and Antiques that  came especially from Lebanon to participate.

Deco Expo 2012 will allow visitors to be able to find out the latest interior designs and to get tips, advice and an overview of the directives of interior design in terms of colors, types of materials and styles used. Visitors can perceive new ideas to select and carryout the perfect décor desired.

Deco Expo 2012 will show a mix of classic and modern designed pieces. Moreover, an opportunity to visit the "Art Gallery" for  the latest works of Kuwaiti artists such as paintings and sculptures.

Deco Expo 2012 will be a fair opportunity for anyone looking for furnishing or renewing their home or office, or those seeking for advanced solutions in interior designs and furnishings, and to benefit from the integration of technology into modern home design. In addition, all interior designers that are searching for the latest materials and supplies for interior designing and decoration will benefit from the participating companies that will be competing to display their best products.

For more information about Deco Expo, visit their Facebook Page, or follow them on Twitter @decoexpo

Khaleejesque's 2nd print issue, the Art & Design Issue, will be available to pick up at the Design Expo.

– Khaleejesque Staff

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