If you haven’t already heard of it, Pinterest, the rising star of the Social Web was launched in 2010 and the online platform soon flourished gaining more and more active “Pinners”. But what actually hides behind those nine letters? And what makes Pinterest so alluring for millions of active users?

According to its website, Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that “allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web”, within clicks people can decorate their accounts with pictures showcasing their personal interests, for example in food, fashion or sports.

The Mastermind behind the site was Ben Silbermann, who loved to collect bugs when he was a child. This led him to the thought that other people may just have a similar passion for collecting, which served as the motivation to craft Pinterest .The development began in December 2009 and the site was finally launched in March of the following year.

A true story of success: Statistics show that 1.36 million internet users visit the webpage daily with an increasing amount of unique visitors of 2700% since March 2011. Today Pinterest drives more traffic than Youtube, Google+ and Linkedin combined (Shareaholic Blog, comScore & TechCrunch). In consequence: Pinterest can be considered as one of the fastest-growing websites in history – naturally it also caught our attention.SocialEyez’ Buzz-Analysis from January 1st until March 14th captured 760 posts based on the keyword “Pinterest” in the UAE. The daily volume of posts shows a rising buzz since January peaking at the end of February.

Pinterest was discussed mainly via Twitter, which resulted in plenty of users connecting their Twitter account to their Pinterest account. Although statistically the majority of the Pinterest users are female our captured posts show more male activity within the UAE.

Due to Pinterest’s high marketing potential, brands are starting to go online with Pinterest, set up pages, and form collaborations. Nowadays even other websites have started embedding “pin it” buttons inviting visitors to enrich Pinterest pages with pictures, Facebook integrated Pinterest in January which increased the number of Facebook users who visited Pinterest daily by 60 percent (Facebook Developers). Regarding those developments there should absolutely be no doubt why Times Magazine listed Pinterest as one of the “50 Best Websites of 2011”.

About the Buzz Report:The Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various Social Media platforms. This explicit search was conducted about the developments of Pinterest in UAE. You can follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook-Page to get regular updates regarding future Buzz Reports.

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