"Ever thrown away a brochure, a leaflet, or a take-away menu thinking you wouldn’t need it again only to regret it shortly after you’ve disposed of it?

Well, the answer to that dilemma is Kuwait Paper Dump. Kuwait Paper Dump is exactly what the name suggests: a place where scraps of paper are stored digitally – ‘dumped’ – so that anyone can quickly and easily refer to them for information. Their mission is to reduce the need for paper by creating an online reference of information that is traditionally distributed by paper media. Run by Salem Marafi, Kuwait Paper Dump is an environmentally oriented not-for-profit organisation.

We've used Kuwait Paper Dump on several occasions, and we love it. It's like the hub for all those random flyers, restaurant menus, bargains you were looking for, etc.

You can now access the entire KPD archive right from your timeline by following @KPDbot.

All you need to do is follow @KPDbot, and then tweet!  And best of all, it's FREE!

There are 2 main commands – menu and number.

For example, to get a PDF Menu for Baking Tray, tweet: @KPDBot menu baking tray

To get a phone number for Baking Tray, tweet: @KPDBot number baking tray

Talk about our very own Kuwaiti Yellow Pages on Twitter, beats texting/calling 1808080 and waiting for a reply!

For more information, check out their website www.kuwaitpaperdump.com


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