Hidden behind an intimidating maze of exotic plants, Dubai Garden Centre is a space dedicated to the House of Prose; a quaint secondhand bookstore. For anyone who has a passion for reading, this is definitely an unexpected but delightful surprise.

Given that books are usually very expensive in Dubai, their policy is to buy back any book purchased from the store at 50% off the original paid amount; a great way to save and make money.

The range of books is broad and there is something for every one;  from mainstream romantic and mystery books to the military strategy books, with a childrens' section as well. The selection of childrens' books is perfect for anyone passionate about getting their children into the habit of reading; we highly recommend it.

The rows of shelves have endless books that are all neatly organized under appropriate titles. However, if you still feel overwhelmed, the friendly staff are always happy to assist and guide anyone who walks through.

Browsing through the shelves, and meeting other book worms while enjoying a cup of coffee is the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon.

In a city where all the focus is on shopping, anyone with a love for books often feels neglected; making House of Prose a perfect book-lovers' refuge.

House of Prose is located in Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road
Tel:  04 344 9021

-Saira Malik

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