Camel Burger

During my last trip to Dubai, as a part of the Khaleejesque team, I was invited to try out Switch restaurant in Dubai Mall. The first restaurant and lounge was designed by renowned prolific designer Karim Rashid. He wanted the restaurant to be "a strong, symmetrical soft organic womb-like space composed of a continuous, undulating wall that wraps around the entire restaurant.” The restaurant has a contemporary design that almost takes you to the future. With a delectable international menu that complements the setting, it was easy to say that that this is a place worth trying.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, the manager greeted my family and I and instantly seated us. We were handed their menu and ordered the most appetizing dishes. Starting off with cheese sticks that were accompanied by a sweet and chili sauce along with strips of balsamic vinaigrette sauce. Although deep-fried, they were very light, and the tangy sauce just completed the dish perfectly. A twist to the original tomato sauce we see in other places. Another appetizer we tried was the spicy garlic prawns that was sautéed in olive oil, chili, and a pinch of garlic. Served with a side of sesame bread sticks, this is the perfect dish for shrimp lovers as it’s light yet very delicious.

Pink Pasta

Moving on to the main dishes, we first tried the pink pasta drenched in creamy tomato sauce topped with delectable melted mozzarella. The mozzarella is one of the best I’ve tried in a really long time thus needless to say it was highly satisfying. Next were the Switch mini burgers, which were beef burgers topped with caramelized onion rings, a slice of fresh tomato, and serves with baked potato wedges. What’s pleasant about this dish is that it’s perfect for a few people to share. It’s not your average fast-food burger; this actually gives you that homey feel to the place. A must try is the gourmet camel burger. Known as a Dubai favorite, you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to try their juicy grilled camel patty topped with mayo, fresh lettuce and tomato, caramelized onions and sharp melted cheddar cheese. The dishes’ exciting flavors sound as yummy as it looks.

Last but definitely not least, we ended our lunch with a big bang. We ordered the hot chocolate and nutella pudding that was simply to die for. A hot lava of nutella surrounded by a wall of scrumptious cake that satisfied my sweet tooth.

An interesting and creative thing they offered at the restaurant is a 10% discount on your bill if you tweet about the restaurant. Just tweet about your experience and mention them so you’ll automatically get that discount.

Switch, a place worth visiting, either with family or friends, will without a doubt meet your expectations. With great dining service and excellent service, this restaurant is the place for you.

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– Hadaya Al-Othman

Images courtesy of Switch

Switch Mini Burger's
Nutella Pudding
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