As a child, my family and I traveled yearly to Europe, which was a goldmine of all things Tintin. My mother used to buy my siblings and I copies of the comics, even though they were in French, knowing that we’ll still appreciate the story through the pictures. Not to mention the cartoon version that got us glued to the TV screen. With that said, growing up reading the classic comic book series, I was more than ecstatic to hear that the famous Tintin will come to life on the big screen. I took my 8-year-old cousin and on to the cinema we went!

The Adventures of Tintin, stars up and coming actor Jamie Bell as the voice of Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, and Daniel Craig as the movie’s villain, Red Rackham.

The movie starts off in Brussels, in the early 1930s with Tintin, along with his four-legged furry sidekick, Snowy, the white-fox terrier, as they go on a pursuit to find three hidden manuscripts that will lead them to a hidden treasure. With the help of the always intoxicated Captain Haddock, they go on a thrilling adventure that includes getting stranded in the middle of the sea, hijacking a plane, and fighting off Moroccan guards, among many other things.

With Captain Haddock's flashbacks of his ancestor, they find clues that get them steps closer to where the hidden treasure lies. Along each mission and through every obstacle, the viewer will get to know the reason behind Red Rackham’s eagerness to take revenge from Captain Haddock, over a mysterious history, and Tintin, for poking his nose in the case.

If you’re familiar with the Tintin series, then you’ll know that an adventure is not complete without the delightful dynamic duo, Inspector Thompson and Inspector Thompson. The twin inspectors, who seem to always be at the right place and the right time, add lightness and humor to the dynamic storyline.

Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by the great Steven Spielberg, it comes as no surprise that the team behind the movie adaption did the series justice. As a viewer, I was very intrigued during the movie and couldn’t wait to know what happens next.

The visuals were extremely brilliant. The animated characters looked almost lifelike. My little cousin could’ve sworn they were real people. The luscious greenery looks like it was plucked right off a garden, the turquoise sea looks like you can swim in it, and the desert and sand dunes look exactly like the ones I visited recently. It was all meticulously done, making it one of best animated movies out there. A big round of applause goes to the visual and special effects team, because without them, the movie wouldn’t have been this remarkable.

Moving on to the plot, it was excellent; action-packed, thrilling, and humorous. The script never had a dull moment as we, the viewers, were always pulled to the screen waiting for the following scene.

Verdict: An easy 5 out of 5. It won’t matter if you’re ten years old or forty, the movie will satisfy all audiences. The biggest proof is that my eight year old cousin and I widened our eyes when it got serious and giggled when it was funny. A great movie for adventure lovers and the whole family alike.

– Hadaya Al-Othman

Images: The Official Website

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