A cursory look at any celeb worth her red carpet appearance and you’ll see that, whichever the trend they happen to be rocking, long luscious hair is their perfect accessory. Shiny lustrous locks signal youth and vitality – something that almost everyone wants. Many products promise all this and more, but the ones that deliver are the holy grail of hair care.

Loved by beauty insiders and celebrities alike is the capsule range from Rahua, (pronounced Ra-wa). Unlike many brands that claim to be “natural” because of the inclusion of a few natural ingredients, Rahua is 100% the real deal. Which means that even its new Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner are both 100% natural and give body and shine without the drying effects so often found in other volumising lines.

Created in collaboration with the local tribes who call the Amazon Rainforest their home, the products include the purest ingredients used by the women of the Amazon for centuries. Like the original Shampoo and Conditioner, also organic, free of synthetics, parabens and sulphates, 100% vegan and truly moisturizing, the new volumising duo are perfect for all hair types.

Lemongrass creates body and bounce by balancing and removing excess oils from the hair shaft, without compromising the integrity of the hair, while Green Tea acts as an active ingredient to boost volume. Ungurahua Oil, rich in Omega-9, restores, heals, moisturizes and strengthens hair follicles and the hair shaft, while Jojoba Oil nourishes. The products are a joy to use, as the Lavender and Eucalyptus in them smell divine, and both rinse out very easily.

The star ingredient, however, is the precious oil from the Rahua nut. While most oils will merely coat the hair, the extremely small molecules of the Rahua oil are able to deeply penetrate into the hair shaft, allowing it to bond and repair the cortex and smooth the cuticle.

Created by Ecuadorian hairdresser Fabian Liguin, sales of Rahua benefit seven different Amazon tribes. The sustainable cultivation of the Rahua nut, which grows only in the Amazonian rainforest, means that while you are doing your hair some good, you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

The new Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner are currently available at Urban Retreat, Harrods in London, while the rest of the range is available at Boutique 1, Mall of the Emirates and online at Boutique1.com and D’NA in Riyadh DNARiyadh.com

– Ambarina Hasan

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