Design enthusiasts in the region can finally rejoice. The recently launched is an online concept design store which offers a multitude of specially curated and high-quality products. The new e-shop focuses on providing both local and international customers with products that are uniquely designed and functional at the same time and offers contemporary accessories, clothes, electronics and children’s products.

Based in Riyadh and started by professionals and experts in interior and fashion design, the Sada Shop team is a small group of designers with over 35 years of combined experience in different specialties of design. Their desire to offer high quality products is the drive force behind Sada Shop, especially for consumers who are looking for a convenient shopping experience and high-quality products. Their hope is that it will represent a leading example for success in this business as a local start-up. Promoting passion for design through the “hard-to-find products” by talented designers from all over the world is what they aim for.

Sada Shop offers various products, it sells clothes for men and women all with original designs that cannot be found everywhere. Electronic and home accessories are also sold; electronic accessories such as camera/phone cases and exclusively designed iPhone covers are available. Baby gear is sold as well, kids clothes, with funny writings and vibrant colors, and kids bags/toys are also offered in Sada Shop. Ordering items through Sada Shop is very easy, all you need to do is just register online, on their user-friendly website, and create your own account and start shopping!

To start browsing through The Sada Shop, visit 

GIVEAWAY: The gracious team behind The Sada Shop has offered a funky Ice Cube LED USB speaker especially for our Khaleejesque readers. To take part in the giveaway, just answer the question in the blog post here.

– Fajer Al-Farsi


An unconventional helmet, the Change USB and XL playing cards
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