Baked Restaurant

We were invited to a tasting of the new menu of Baked, a local restaurant at 52 Degrees multistore.  The restaurant, which had previously launched earlier this year, recently added new items to their menu; which included starters, main dishes, and desserts under the supervision of Chef Farah Al-Fadhalah.

Our first impression of the place was very pleasing, from being seated at our table to getting served our dishes. The interior is impeccably designed in a contemporary feel with a color palette of light beiges and browns. Along the walls are large windows overlooking the main road; where sunlight pours in during the day and streetlights shine in at night.

Potato Salad - BakedWe were serviced with a high level of hospitality fused with a friendly atmosphere. Starting off with the shrimp ginger salad as an appetizer, which was incredibly tasty and fresh; the mixture of the shrimp with the ginger gave it a unique twist to our taste palette. Another starter we tried is the crunched potato salad. Now this dish is a must have in terms of taste. And presentation wise, we even thought that it was a dessert. When it comes to the starters, they really focus on original presentations.

Shrimp Wrap - BakedMoving on to the third starter, which was the succulent shrimp wrap. Other than the fact that it tasted good, we were impressed by how they wrapped it in filo pastry and drizzled with a special flavorful sauce.

Mushroom Pizza - BakedThe last starter we tried was the mushroom pizza. It was very light yet very fulfilling. The dough was cooked to perfection and the cheese and tomato sauce tasted pleasantly. All in all, their starters were delicious and light, so you can order multiple platters without feeling too heavy since they’re all 'Baked'.

Cheeseburger - BakedAfter the successful starter course, we dove into the main dishes. First, we were served a scrumptious mushroom cheeseburger and dare we say that it competes with Kuwait’s top burger places. What we liked about this dish was that the buns were homemade, the burger patty was juicy and with the addition of Swiss cheese and mushrooms, it was just right. It also came with a side order of French fries that were accompanied with chili sauce. Naturally, after all these yummy dishes, we started to get full but there was still more room for the beef lasagna. For what’s known as a heavy dish, it’s surprisingly light. They added their own touches to the traditional recipe in terms of wrapping and presentation.

Following the tasty starters and main dishes, we jumped to *drum rolls please* DESSERT! We were finally served with their famous red velvet molten cake. One thing for sure is that it’s one of the best out there and A MUST for all dessert and red velvet cake lovers.

That’s about it, ladies and gentlemen. All the dishes were delicious, very well presented, and were perfect sized portions. The service was amazing, generous, and very clean. Most importantly, Chef Farah paid a lot of attention and efforts to satisfy the customers. Our final verdict: A must try!

–    Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Baked and 52 Degrees

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