Environmental awareness is all the rage nowadays and well known en.v is an initiative dedicated to raising social responsibility in the Arab world. It recently launched an online awareness campaign so that they’ll be able to reach out to the general public and educate them on the main environmental issues that the Arab world is facing. The public will learn more about issues related to renewable energy, gas emissions, agricultural productivity, waste management and water shortage.

en.v recently organized the REUSE speakers forum at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK). REUSE is an annual exposition which offers an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies and professionals to showcase their accomplishments regarding social responsibility. They display their work through artistic mediums and various activities to raise awareness for the general public.

The forum included numerous thought leaders. The panelists included Dr. Anne Wallin, Director of EH&S and Sustainability for Dow EMEA; Najib Saab, Editor-in-Chief of Al-BiaWalTanmia, Secretary General of the Arab Forum for Environment & Development (AFED) and President of MECTAT; Chad Boettcher, Senior Vice President of Social Innovation, Weber Shandwick; Captain Ali Haider, Vice President of Kuwait Environmental Public Authority (EPA); Dr. Lia Carol Seighart, Senior Environmental Economist, Regional Finance Coordinator MENA Region Sustainable Development, The World Bank; Dr. Sami Al-Yakoob, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Environmental General Trading and Contracting Company (GETCO); and Tarek Sultan, Chairman and Managing Director of Agility.

The upcoming anticipated event of the REUSE 5.0 exposition will be held in early 2012. Check out the forum videos and more information about the initiative at their website www.envearth.com

– Fajer Al-Farsi

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