Everyone remembers their first HTC phone… right?

Well, I do at least. It was in the form of a wonderful telephone running Windows CE OS on it.

The only thing was… it wasn’t actually called HTC. You and I knew it was iMate! It was supposed to have been that really amazing phone from the Scotland. One nice little fact was that this Scottish company actually used a Taiwanese company to develop the hardware for its long development line of windows based iMate phones. That company was called: HTC.

With growing success, HTC then decided to go ahead with their own line of phones, and slowly disconnected from 2006, with iMate basically developing their own headsets.So started the success story for HTC a company that focused their development on the newly developed Android OS (From Google), and started to move away the Windows platform they’ve depended on in the past.

With the HTC Hero and later releases, the company began to develop their own unique look to Android. It was properly named: “HTC Sense”. This basically made a lovely interface of the usually boring Android look.

Android phones come in all shapes and sizes. Samsung has its own version of the OS. So does Acer, and Sony Ericsson. But what makes the HTC phone special. It’s quite simple: the HTC Sense interface, and attention to some important details.

Hence, I present to you: the HTC Sensation XE, a lovely piece of machinery packing a strong 1.5 GHz not single, but dual core CPU and the extra detail here in this model is the lovely Beats (by Dr. Dre) audio setup. The first major smart phone to do so.

Screen resolution goes to a  540 x 960 qHD. While not LED like the Samsung Galaxy S2, it’s still quite a bright and clear image portrayed within the HTC Sense interface.

Expect to be seeing this lovely piece of machinery by the end of the September 2011, and should be available all across the GCC and Asia.

Who should buy this: Basically, people who have an understanding of the Android platform, or are looking for a phone to try out Android, and see what’s all the fuss about (the old Apple v/s Google Android argument).

One of the amazing features you’ll always get with an HTC Android phone is the interface…it is stunning and awesome to use. I still believe with the amazing time I have with my current Samsun Galaxy S2, the interfaces for HTC have always been an attraction. With the qHD screen from HTC and high quality sound from Beats…makes a great phone to double up as an MP3 player with alot more to add in the whole mix. But this if you’re ready to experience something totally new, and hip. You will stand from the crowd, that’s for sure.


Here’s some interesting trivia:

Do you know where the international iMate company headquarters is based in?

Answer: It’s based in Dubai, UAE! (Interesting…I didn’t even know that!)

Image Credits: http://www.htc.com/www/smartphones/htc-sensation-xe/ and http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/14/htc-sensation-xe-gets-official-packing-1-5ghz-dual-core-cpu-and/

Guest-Blogger: Mohamed Al Jneibi
Blog: http://www.digitallysane.com

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