Zeina Abdalla

Launched in the summer of 2010 in Dubai, the Fishfayce digital photo booth has made its mark in the region as the must have gadget for any event. It’s an innovative, interactive, portable device that allows people to take a number of pictures that is then stored digitally.

"Thanks to Fishfayce, the photo booth concept is gaining popularity in this part of the world. Fishfayce allows guests to let loose and get creative, providing hours of entertainment and laughs.  It couldn’t be easier to use. Guests simply step in front of Fishfayce, pose, click the remote and that’s it! Photos are instantly displayed for viewing, instantly projected on any surface anywhere in the venue, and instantly printed for guests as a keepsake,” said Founder Zeina Abdalla.

According to Zeina, “it’s become the hot new accessory for corporate events, weddings, private parties, exhibitions and other events; and is a powerful new tool in the social media, and PR. Our photos fly all across facebook and twitter, as guests tag themselves and their friends. The great thing about Fishfayce for corporate clients is its ability to seamlessly overlay any type of branding onto the images.”

Fully portable, Fishfayce can travel anywhere in the world.  Most recently the company has catered to clients in Spain, Greece, Lebanon and Qatar and clients such as Sony Playstation, Armani Prive, Okku, Blackberry, Virgin Mobile Qatar, Dubai Cares, TEDxDubai, Dubai International Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Festival and Saks Fifth Avenue among others have experienced the Fishfayce digital photo booth at their corporate events and gatherings.

Khaleejesque sat with Zeina Abdalla and discussed Fishfayce, her experience launching this innovative business and secrets to it's success.

What differentiates Fishfayce from other photographers or other photo booths ?
We empower the guests to become the artist… they are, in effect, the photographers. It's fun to watch guests treat Fishfayce as their own personal professional photo shoot. Since they’re the ones controlling Fishfayce, they’re more comfortable in exploring their own artistic boundaries.

Our clients also appreciate and understand the importance of social networking. We are very big on leveraging social media and firmly believe in its effectiveness. Our photos not only drive traffic to our clients’ websites and facebook pages, but they also promote our clients’ brands, as guests tag themselves in event photos that fly virally across Facebook and Twitter.

Fishfayce can be taken anywhere in the world? Even on an isolated island for a wedding?
We have had clients hire us for numerous events outside of the UAE, and have traveled to Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and even Spain for a wedding! The Fishfayce digital photo booth is fully portable… it can travel anywhere, anytime.

What are your future plans ?
Fishfayce is enjoying this period of exciting growth… we certainly look forward to continued expansion of our geographic footprint.

What piece of advice do you have for our readers who'd like to try their knack at an entrepreneurial stint ?
Network, get out there and meet people in the industry that you want to get into. You also have to really love what you’re doing and want to do it; it takes a lot of discipline.

For more information check out their website www.fishfayce.com

– Sharifa Al Badi

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