It's no surprise that Vimto is a cultural icon of our time. Think of that huge, overwhelming bottle with the dark purple elixir and you instantly get images of a chilled, refreshing long glass of Vimto just for your enjoyment post-Futoor during Ramadan.

People might be divided among loving or hating it, but there is no doubt that Vimto has been there for you ever since you could remember. Born in 1908, Vimto has made it's way to the top of the international refreshment ranks over the years and hits high on everyone's list of necessary table time staples. Vimto's origins always seem to bring a lot of confusion because the majority believe that it's in fact from Saudi Arabia, but on the contrary Vimto was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

Vimto is undoubtedly a superstar in it's own right. Dominating the Middle East since 1928, it remains a special symbol of tradition, hospitality and deliciousness till this very day. Boasting an international profile and many achievements under it's belt, Vimto has some extremely high standards to maintain and a really hectic schedule to keep up with. Nevertheless, Vimto always finds time to mingle with the stars and interact with the media.

Keeping below the radar during most of the year, Vimto makes sure to prep and get ready for the grueling marketing campaigns that are specifically developed just for the month of Ramadan. TV commercials, print ads, supermarket displays, you name it! Over exposure is not a problem at all. Breaking new sales records year after year, Vimto doesn't show any signs of slowing down. You can find everyone chanting Vimto all month long, eagerly waiting to indulge in the energy-boosting mixture during the evening meal after a day of fasting.

There's this mysterious aura that makes Vimto's charm irresistible and oh so very popular. With a timeless appeal, you can be sure that whenever you see Vimto, you'll be seeing an old family friend.

For now we'll just have to wait and see what Vimto comes up with for next Ramadan.

– Khaleejesque

Previously Published in September 2009

Oprah and Vimto
Vimto by Warhol
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