Al-Malika, Bo Kareem and Al-Shahroora come to your TV screens this Ramadan

Ramadan is right around the corner and this year it comes storming in during the hot summer season. Most of us would want to be indoors to escape the blistering heat and avoid the dizzying sunrays, especially since we’d be all fasting. A staple that comes with the month of Ramadan are the TV shows, which most of us look forward to and producers put them out there during this month to get maximum exposure and viewership. Last year as expected, Zwarat Khamees was the most watched and most talked about show during Ramadan and Saher ElLail came out of no where and was the breakout hit while Hayat AlFahad’s show failed to attract audience’s attention. I chose a few shows that I think will be the most interesting and should consider watching… now let us see what Ramadan 2011 brings us.

Al-Malika – Definitely the most talked about show leading up to Ramadan, Al-Malika or The Queen stars Huda Hussein as a famous Khaleeji singer and details her life in the spotlight and amongst her family. Rumors swirled that the story is based on legendary singer Ahlam’s life but in a radio interview, Huda confirmed that there is no truth to the rumors and the show is completely fictional. It will air on Al Watan TV (1:00 PM GMT) and MBC Drama.

Firsa Thanya – The show will air on MBC and AlRai TV (1:45 PM GMT) and it stars Souad Abdulla, Abdulaziz Jassim, Hussein AlMansour and Elham AlFithala. It is written by Widad AlKowary, who has written popular shows that aired on Qatar TV in the past years including Hokm AlBashar and Youm Akhar, and the story revolves around different characters who are given second chances in life and how they deal with their issues.

Al-Jileeb – Hayat AlFahad is back with this show which will air on AlRai TV (12:45 PM GMT) and also stars Salah AlMulla and Hind AlBloushi. Written by Hayat, Al-Jileeb is set in Kuwait before the discovery of oil and tackles many issues including the problems and conflicts that occur within families.

Saher ElLail 2 – After the tremendous success of Saher ElLail 1, the director and most of the same cast will be back again but will be telling a different story that is set during the 70s and 80s. If the promos are any indication, expect to see a lot of attention to detail and a feeling that you are living in that specific time, especially people who lived through that era. The show will air on AlRai TV (11:40 PM GMT).

Al-Shahroora – The show will tell the story of legendary Arab artist Sabah, also known as Al-Shahroora, and Lebanese singer Carole Samaha will play the part of Sabah. The series will chronicle her life from early teen years up until today, which will be weird because Sabah is still alive and most TV shows about singers in the past were made after their death. Sabah had an eventful life, starring in many movies and having numerous popular songs in addition to being married seven times! I am really interested to watch AlShahroora because I am a fan of Sabah and it will be my first time watching a non-Khaleeji show during Ramadan.

Bo Kareem Fe Rgubta Sabi3 Hareem – From writer Hiba Mishary Hamada, who did Om AlBanat and Zwarat Khamees last Ramadan, comes this new series starring Saad AlFaraj who lives a very poor life with his seven daughters who each have their own problems and love stories. The show also stars Elham AlFithala and Shjoon. It will air on Al Watan TV (7:30 PM GMT) and MBC1.

Special Mentions: Haleema Park, Shoojy 3, and Fawazeer Myriam Fares all on Fnoon TV. These shows will be my guilty pleasures during Ramadan!

– Abdulla Al-Mulaifi

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