Rami Al Ali was born in Syria and his love of refined aesthetics began at an early age. His interest and curiosity for fine fabrics and design led him to the College of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria, where he studied visual arts. It was during a fashion show for his finals that his true talent became apparent – his professor was astounded by the unorthodox presentation of the core curriculum, he was also impressed by his astute work and display of fine arts through fashion. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1995 and quickly started his fashion career in Dubai and Beirut. It was in these two great cities that Rami worked with some of the region’s leading fashion houses.

Established in Dubai in 2001, Rami Al Ali Couture entered the fashion arena with a bold collection and uncompromising couture designs. After a number of inspiring fashion shows around the Gulf, Rami Al Ali’s notoriety spread and his designs began to occupy the covers of leading fashion magazines and red carpet celebrations.

Rami Al Ali’s unbridled passion for design caught the eye of La Mode En Images, which led to the agency selecting Rami Al Ali Couture to participate along with a select number of key international designers at the 2006 Asian Olympic Games in Qatar.

With royal, celebrity and social muses like Youssra, Ivana Trump, Natasha Bedingfield and Lateefa Nawal, among others, Rami Al Ali’s designs moved from bridal to evening gowns. The core customer evolved from sweet bride to blossoming socialite and Rami Al Ali Couture evolved with them. His pieces stood out from the red carpet of the Adonia Awards to the international stage of Najem Al Khaleej. As the popularity of Rami Al Ali Couture spread through the region, the need for a ready-to-wear collection was clear. In 2007, Rami launched his Prêt collection. The Rami Al Ali woman needed dresses suitable for dinners and intimate gatherings, and the designer was happy to oblige.

The excitement continued and garnered attention from global brands such at Swarovski. Rami was chosen to be a part of UNBRIDALED, a book published by the global Austrian crystal brand, with revered couture veterans Giorgio Armani, Vivian Westwood and John Galliano, among others. The collaboration demonstrated his ability to participate in an international market.

By 2009, Rami Al Ali walked into the international fashion arena with his first show at AltaRoma in Rome, Italy. Rami stayed true to his visual arts degree with fabrics designed in-house for the international runway.

Having just completed his sixth season at Rome Fashion Week, Rami Al Ali is sure to continue dazzling the press with his unique style of women's evening and bridal wear. In Rome, he has built a reputation as a fashion ambassador for the Middle East as his collections are always demure with an Arabic sense of glamour and modesty.

For more information on Rami Al Ali Couture visit www.ramialali.com 

Here are some pieces from his stunning AW 2011-12 collection:

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