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The first creative incubator if its kind in the Middle East, TwoFour54 is an Abu Dhabi government initiative which seeks to diversify the Emirate’s economy and establish the Emirate as a cultural capital. With a vision to establish a sustainable Arabic Media and Entertainment content creation industry in Abu Dhabi, TwoFour54 aims to stimulate creative and professional partnerships in the film, broadcast, digital, TV, gaming, publishing and music industries; the focus is on developing Arabic media and entertainment content by Arabs and for Arab audiences.

The name TwoFour54 is taken from Abu Dhabi’s geographical coordinates, which are latitude 24 north, longitude 54 east. This name was chosen to symbolise Abu Dhabi’s strategic position within the Middle East. TwoFour54 delivers is divided into three key pillars: TwoFour54 Tadreeb (the training academy), TwoFour54 Ibtikar (innovation and support) and TwoFour54 Intaj (state-of-the-art production facilities) supported by business enabler TwoFour54 Tawasol (one-stop-shop).

For all creative young Arabs, TwoFour54 Ibtikar: Creative Lab provides a starting point to a viable and long term career in this dynamic industry. It offers funds ranging from US$1,000 to US$50,000 for ideas demonstrating exceptional creativity and originality across all media platforms. Already attracting several of the region and world’s largest and most influential content creation companies, including CNN, BBC, Thomson Foundation, Rotana Studios, Financial Times,and Thomson Reuters Foundation, TwoFour54 is making a splash regionally with leading content creation companies recognizing the vast opportunity that the Arab world represents for growth and all of whom have committed significant investment and resources to business initiatives that will be led out through TwoFour54.

Tarek Ghattas, twofour54 ibtikar: Creative Lab Manager,added: “We want people to come forward with their media and entertainment ideas. We are looking for passion and originality and there is no such thing as a bad idea. This is an opportunity for young Arabs to unleash their inner creativity and have a go at turning vision into reality – coming to us means never having to look back and wonder what you could have been.” Creative content is definitely on the rise and many projects are currently underway. Past projects include: Angry Alex, a web series that revolves around a frustrated man and his wry take on life, a short film titled Beep and an inspirational song called Ana Emarati.

If you've got a creative media idea, then by all means consider TwoFour54 Creative Lab and check out how they can help you in making your idea a reality. Visit their website here twofour54.com/creativelab

– Khaleejesque Staff

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