We have to admit, we don't watch the Gossip Girl series because we love the storyline; on the contrary it's the fashion that keeps us coming back. So if you're obsessed with the outfits and fashion side of Gossip Girl, rest assured you are not the only one.

The stylist behind those adorable styles on Gossip Girl is Eric Damon. Eric Damon started as a buyer in a small boutique in Paris, and then become a model. His first job was styling Kate Moss and late later on became the assistant of the Sex In The City stylist. Now he's the Head-Stylist behind all those fashionable clothes and outfits on Gossip Girl and even published a book called You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence.



If you're wondering how to get those outfits/style inspiration? You're in luck. There's a website designated to the fashionable side of Gossip Girl, www.gossipgirlfashion.net . This amazing website classifies and breaks down every outfit in the series by episode from the shoe to the earrings. A delight for any fashionista wanting to imitate or be inspired by the looks. The website doesn’t only tell you the designers of the outfit but even gives you a cheaper alternative for each outfit.

You know you love us?




By Guest blogger: Haya. AS

Image Credits: http://www.gossipgirlfashion.net

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