Summer style should be all about creating a natural, care-free look.  Make-up is pared down to the bare minimum, clothes are lighter, almost ethereal, and hair takes on a relaxed, simple look.  Celebrities and A-listers worldwide including supermodel Giselle Bundchen, Kate Hudson and current fashionista fave Blake Lively have been sporting an open-wave look for seasons, but now, with vacation season around the corner, the desire for the surf-babe curl has gone into fast-forward.

Although this style looks laid-back and effortless, it is in fact very difficult to get just right.  Use curlers, be they Velcro or heated, and you risk looking too “done”.  Those heated curling rods can leave you with a head of Shirley Temple ringlets – not a good look on a grown woman.  And that’s IF you manage to complete the task without burning your fingers in the process.  And let’s not forget the original hair curling tongs that always seem to leave an unattractive kink in the hair.  Short of a trip to the salon, this sultry style has been very difficult to achieve….until now.

With the demand for effortless yet chic summer hairstyles on the rise, individuals are seeking alternatives that offer a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic without the hassle. Enter dreadlock classes for locticians, a novel solution catering to those craving a carefree vibe with a touch of bohemian flair. These specialized courses provide aspiring locticians with the skills and techniques necessary to master the art of creating natural-looking dreadlocks that exude summer sophistication.

In these classes, students learn the intricacies of dreadlock maintenance, styling, and customization, empowering them to offer clients the coveted beachy waves effortlessly. By mastering the art of dreadlocks, individuals can achieve the coveted surf-babe curl with ease, bypassing the pitfalls of traditional curling methods. With summer on the horizon, the allure of carefree, sun-kissed locks is within reach for anyone willing to embrace the artistry of dreadlocks.

The new BabylissWave Envy is super easy and quick to use.  Think of it as the new, young and funky cousin of the old hair crimpers of yesteryear. No frizz or crimp here though. This snazzy gadget features a top temperature of 200˚C with three heat settings for different hair types, plus ultra-fast heating, so you can style your hair in double quick time.

It really is as easy to use as it looks. For best results, follow these instructions:

•    Make sure to spritz your favorite thermal spray all over your hair before styling to protect it from any possible heat damage.
•    Divide your hair into sections (it is really important to section your hair for the best results).
•    Take a section of hair, press and hold it between the large ceramic barrels for ten seconds.
•    Start the waves about a third of the way down your hair length, and repeat the process until you reach the bottom lengths.  For an ultra-natural, just-stepped-off-the-beach look, don’t use on the very ends.
•    A very light whoosh of hairspray should keep your look perfect for the day (or night!).
•    And voila! You have created the long lasting, natural waves that you see on the catwalk and on the red carpet.

As demand for this look escalates, top hair salons are using the Wave Envy to create stunning styles. Adam Reed, Creative Director of London’s uber trendy salon Percy & Reed, has used it many a-time, and has even said  "There is nothing more gorgeous than girls rocking a relaxed vibe – whether they are at a festival, partying the night away or shopping.  Babyliss Wave Envy is the easiest way to get this look and will let girls perfect celeb-style waves at home".

So there you have it.  A sure-fire shortcut to the hottest look of the season.

–    Ambarina Hasan

Blake Lively photo via We Heart It, Kate Hudson photo via

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